General Insurance

Satyam Financials understands the risk of your hard earned Money.

Any type of insurance other than Life Insurance falls under the category of General Insurance.

General insurance covers liability insurance such as Motor third party liability and legal liability, insurance of property, personal insurance such as Accident and Health insurance, fire, marine, transit,travel etc.

Satyam Financials arranges insurance from reputed GIC's for a wide range of insurance products at very attractive premium rates.

You can instantly buy an insurance policy from a host of products immediately. Contact us and avail our services from the comfort of your home.

We deal in comprehensive insurance cover in the following segments.

  • Motor/Car Insurance
  • Medical and Health Insurance
  • Personal Accident Policy
  • Home / Office / Property Insurance
  • Travel Insurance and more...

Now secure your family and assets. Our endeavour is protect all that you value.

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